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Some of my Work

My work includes a range of design and development projects.

  • Charles Pinot
    Consulting, Design, Front-End and Back-End Development
    The World’s Most Unique & Productive Executive Retreats. Their Retreats continue to create Amazing Results.

    Over the past fifteen years, their team’s experience in founding two of the leading executive development and thought leadership companies led to the formation of Charles Pinot to create incredibly unique and memorable experiences for leading professionals.
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  • Fairlie & Lippy
    Consulting, Design, Front-End and Back-End Development
    Criminal defense and personal injury attorneys in Montgomery, Bucks and surrounding counties.

    They are highly skilled trial lawyers with 62 years of proven courtroom experience and quality recognized across Pennsylvania through awards such as Philadelphia Magazine’s “Pennsylvania SuperLawyer” designation for Pennsylvania Criminal Defense and Pennsylvania Personal Injury as well as their lists of the Top 100 Lawyers in Pennsylvania and the Top 100 Lawyers in Philadelphia.
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  • Verb Ventures
    Consulting, Design, Front-End and Back-End Development
    At Verb Ventures...They Build Companies. They Conduct Monthly Off-Sites, Countless Brainstorming Sessions & Endless Business Model
    Iterations…All To Develop a Select Handful of Companies They Launch Each Year.
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  • ExecRank
    Consulting, Front-End and Back-End Development
    ExecRank Inc. is a research and advisory firm founded in 2010 and the leading source for C-Suite professional opportunities and executive rankings.

    ExecRank has created patent-pending proprietary algorithms for ranking executives. Their methodologies were developed, tested, and refined over a three year process that incorporated insights and feedback from position specific executives, recruiters, analysts, and evaluation committees featuring some of the world’s most renowned business leaders.
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  • Miswak Dentistry
    Consulting and Design
  • EndorseMint
    Front-End and Back-End Development, Marketplace Development, Paypal API integration, Facebook API, Youtube API, Instagram API, Twitter API
    Consulting, Front-End and Back-End Development
    Team of marketers, developers, and entrepreneurs from around the globe. Founded in 2015, EndorseMint is a marketplace enabling commerce in advertising by connecting brands with influencers and content creators on social media.
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  • Endepth Fashions
    Consulting, Design, Front-End and Back-End Development
  • Andrew Brown
    Consulting, Design, Front-End and Back-End Development
    Cover Model, Athlete, and Fitness Icon, Andrew has been a spokes model for some of the biggest and best brands in the Fitness world.
    He has starred in International commercials, graced the cover of National Magazines, and worked with hundreds of the
    most recognized names in the business. He trains year round and is always "camera ready."
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